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Boost your focus, mental sharpness and performance
so you can think faster, work smarter and reach your brilliant potential in your personal and professional life!

• Strengthen your competitive edge
• Stay physically and mentally sharp
• Improve sleep, mood and energy
• Decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Are you a top performer who wants to take it to the next level?  Are you looking to maximize your team’s performance, engagement, resilience and potential while decreasing their stress and burnout?

Whatever your goals are, Wendy’s seminars and workshops will optimize your (and your team’s) brain power and performance!


the latest brain health strategies (and brain health hacks!)

Fueling your Brain: The Power of Food
The ultimate foods for sharper thinking

How to Conquer Your Food Cravings
The top foods that drain your brain
Supplements- who, what, when to take them


The best physical activities for brain health (even if you hate exercise!)
Nutrition tips to build & retain lean, strong muscles

 The power of exercise to combat Mental health (depression, anxiety, etc)
Preventing injuries during physical activities; Sports nutrition tips


Foods / nutrients for excellent mood & mental health
The Good Mood Prescription© for mental well-being
Keys to resetting your mood to get more done
Simple stress busters

Wendy’s 10-Minute Brain Boost to instantly improve focus, energy

The surprising facts about older vs. younger brains
Normal & abnormal changes to the brain, thinking, & memory
Alzheimer’s disease signs and symptoms; Are you at risk?


The Power of Sleep. Tips & tricks for better sleep
Little known hazards of sleep deprivation

Combating brain fog & afternoon slump


Medicines that are harmful to your brain

Are brain games effective?

Lots of Brain Health Hacks

      Comprehensive list of health resources— and MUCH more!


Wendy can bring her 1-hour seminars and 3-hour workshops to you. Your employees and clients will thank you for an amazing meeting/training, and leave energized and empowered to be their best healthiest self at work and at home!    And she promises that the workshop will be fun!
Wendy Bader
Wendy Bader M.S. - Click on the photo for more about Wendy


For more information, please contact us at:

Email: Wendy@BaderNutrition.com
Phone: 480-221-7771

"Wendy is entertaining, funny, and engages the group. I think she would be highly effective for any group that she spoke to."
Carol Sdun
"Very educational and helpful. I find my husband and myself falling into dangerous behaviors. Wendy's presentation was the push I need to make changes in our lifestyle. Thank you Wendy!"
Cyndi C.
"Wendy Bader has a holistic approach to presenting information on brain health. She offers ‘Wendy’s words of wisdom’ throughout her presentation, along with sensible solutions backed by scientific evidence. I would love to have another opportunity to hear her speak.”
La Verne Abe Harris, Ph.D.
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