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About Wendy

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Hello! I’m Wendy Bader, owner of Bader Nutrition LLC, and creator of Brain Power Breakthrough!©

As a nutrition and wellness expert, educator, and speaker, I love inspiring audiences to optimize their brain health and lead the happy, healthy life they deserve.

Earning a bachelors and Masters degree in nutrition science “later in life” was an amazing experience–and I loved every minute of it (well, maybe not the organic chemistry tests).

My bachelor’s degree included an emphasis in nutrition/health communications and media analysis. Which means I can translate all the confusing nutrition/health information and scientific lingo into clear, credible information for you.

So, what makes me unique? I also have a business degree and worked in the corporate and non-profit sectors for many years before becoming a nutritionist. During my corporate “cubicle days,” I  vividly remember struggling with focus and concentration due to stress, poor diet, and the lack of sleep and exercise.

Today, as a brain health expert, I have merged all of my knowledge and experience into powerful solutions to help smart, successful people (like you!) to optimize your brain so you can be laser focused, think quicker, and to keep your energy and mood up throughout the day.

And, because I believe in both an evidence-based approach and a whole-lifestyle, integrative approach to health and wellness, I can bring the best of both worlds to you.   Healthy Life –>Healthy Body/Brain –> Happy Life!

I am on the speaker’s bureau of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Phoenix chapter, and am featured in the “Speaker Space” directory of the Phoenix Business Journal.  In addition, I have been a faculty associate at Arizona State University’s School of Nutrition and Health Promotion.  I am an active member of both the national and Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Fun facts: I am a part-time organic gardener, tennis player, and yoga student, but a full-time serial learner. My husband and I designed and built our home (exactly on budget and with no serious marital arguments!).  Favorite food:  Wood-fired margherita pizza— thin crust, heavy on the fresh tomatoes, lighter on the cheese (must be fresh mozzarella), and don’t burn the basil!  I also love really dark chocolate, all berries, and fresh, juicy summer fruits. I like most fresh vegetables, especially when they’re roasted, but not a big fan of lima beans (i.e., I will not eat them).  Weaknesses:  really dark chocolate (of course), salty snacks (chips, crackers, nuts), old Neil Diamond songs, pianos, my sweet cat who is sitting on my lap right now, and my amazing husband!

Last, but not least, I truly enjoy people and collaboration that results in better work, better life, and laughter!

Please connect with me on Twitter @BaderNutrition and on LinkedIn.

Click on these links for Wendy’s Speaker Sheet and Wendy’s Bio.

I’m excited to work with you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me!Contact-Us. Christina said we can use this